PURPOSE is a verb - "have as one's intention or objective."

The word PURPOSE as a verb means to "have as one's intention or objective". We are not sure of the intention in which our customers come to Hunger Burger for their meal, is it the fact that our beef is all natural, no hormones, no antibiotics, USA grown?  Is it because we love our customers and our objective is to strive for the best for them? Or is it because our customers love the fact that our "Patties with a Purpose" program helps to feed meals to children in need, locally, nationally and internationally? Whatever your reason for being one of our wonderful customers,  you have helped to feed over 190,000 meals to children in need simply by eating one of our many burgers. "Patties with a Purpose" program feeds a child in need with every burger purchased, so again thank you for your loyal support of Hunger Burger.